Jeroen likes to talk about technology. That’s why he gives keynotes and lectures on topics that interest him, always injected with a healthy dose of scepticism and humor, aiming to entertain ànd inform.

  • For prices and bookings: [email protected].
  • The contents of the talk are always adapted to the audience: from interested layman to technical professional. Make sure to check out the references.
  • Talks can be given on location or virtually.
  • The indicated runtime is for a full program: customized versions (shorter / longer) are possible.
  • For an international audience: all talks available in Dutch and English.

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence

  • Description: The world’s buzzing about AI, but what exactly is it, and what isn’t? How do neural networks work, how are they trained, how do ChatGPT and Dall-E work? Why is generative AI all the rage? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these new technologies? What is their impact on our society and the way we process data? What’s on the horizon? How can you use AI smart and responsibly, as an individual and as a company? In this critical and comical keynote computer scientist Jeroen Baert gets to the bottom of these questions and separates the hype from the fundamentals.
  • Keywords: AI, generative AI, neural networks, Large Language Models, ChatGPT, DALL-E, privacy, copyright, reliability, explainability
  • Duration: 60-70m

Keynote: Metaverses: What was that all about?

  • Description: What are metaverses? Why do we have / did we have a hype cycle around virtual worlds? What are the problems / concerns and what are good fundamentals to build, use and maintain them in the future? What are the implications for the way we work and relax online? What is the future for AR, VR and digital identities?
  • Keywords: metaverses, VR/AR/XR, cyberspace, web3, privacy, digital identity, hype cycles
  • Duration: 60-70m

Keynote: Science Communication

  • Duration: My experience with science communication. Communicating about research, open sourcing of data and code, the link between science and comedy, ….
  • Keywords: scicomm, open data, media training, comedy
  • Duration: 25-35m